Are you ready to start on a journey that opens doors to Europe’s boundless possibilities? The Hungarian government is unveiling a groundbreaking initiative, the Hungarian Golden Visa Program, set to revolutionize access to the Schengen Zone. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting development:

1. Access to Schengen Zone:

The program offers a unique opportunity for foreigners, particularly Chinese nationals, to gain entry into the Schengen Zone using the Hungarian Golden Visa.

2. Investment Options:

Foreigners can secure a residence permit by investing in Hungarian property or property funds, fostering economic growth while facilitating international mobility.

3. Boon for Property Market:

The program is poised to stimulate Hungary’s property market, potentially leading to a surge in real estate prices and igniting economic activity in urban centers.

4. Strategic Start Date:

The program is slated to commence after the European parliamentary and municipal elections, with implementation scheduled for July 1st.

5. Investment Requirements:

Investors can choose from various investment thresholds, including:

  • Investing EUR 250,000 in a Hungarian property fund.
  • Purchasing property worth EUR 500,000.
  • Supporting a Hungarian foundation university with EUR 1 million.

6. Anticipated Popularity:

Experts predict significant interest from China, Turkey, the Middle East, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, driven by the program’s accessibility and benefits.

7. Family Benefits:

Investors and their families stand to gain, with residency permits extending to spouses, underage, and adult children, facilitating seamless travel within the Schengen Zone.

8. Streamlined Process:

The Hungarian government pledges a swift turnaround, issuing residence permits within three weeks, provided all requirements are met.

9. Business Opportunities:

The program not only offers residency but also serves as a gateway to business prospects within Hungary and the European Union.

10. Partnering with Beyond Global Partners:

  • Beyond Global Partners, a leading company with a global presence, including offices in Hungary, offers comprehensive A to Z Hungary Golden Visa services.
  • With expertise and experience, Beyond Global Partners ensures tailored solutions to navigate the Hungarian Golden Visa process seamlessly.

Hungary’s Golden Visa Program emerges as Europe’s most affordable option, distinguishing itself from similar programs in Spain and Greece. Seize the opportunity to explore Europe’s rich tapestry with the Hungarian Golden Visa Program, supported by Beyond Global Partners’ unrivaled expertise and global network.

Experience the freedom to traverse borders, discover investment potential, and start on a journey of limitless possibilities with the Hungarian Golden Visa Program and Beyond Global Partners. Contact us today to begin your extraordinary venture into Europe’s heartland.