The Guest Investor Program of Hungary extends an exclusive opportunity to third-country citizens whose presence is of paramount economic interest to the nation. As part of the program’s eligibility criteria, individuals can obtain a Hungarian guest investor residence permit by fulfilling various requirements, including investments in real estate funds.

Criteria for Economic Interest

Hungarian immigration law defines national economic interest through diverse parameters, one being the investment in real estate funds. Specifically, individuals can qualify for the guest investor residence permit by acquiring investment certificates from a real estate investment fund registered by the Central Bank of Hungary (CBH), with a minimum value of EUR 250,000.

Insights into Hungarian Real Estate Investment Funds

At Beyond Global Partners, we recognize the significance of comprehending the characteristics and intricacies of Hungarian real estate funds for our clients. These funds, governed by stringent regulations, offer a structured approach to real estate investment while providing essential safeguards for investors.

Key Features of Hungarian Real Estate Funds

  • Legal Structure: Real estate funds operate as legal entities represented by licensed fund managers, ensuring professional oversight and decision-making.
  • Categorization: Funds are classified based on various factors such as term (fixed or indefinite), operating form (closed or open to the public), tradeability (open-end or closed-end), and asset focus (securities, mixed assets, real estate, private equity).
  • Asset Allocation: Real estate funds allocate investments across diverse assets, including domestic or foreign real estate, shares in real estate companies, securities, derivatives, and movable assets related to property use.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Hungarian law mandates specific requirements for real estate funds, including minimum investment thresholds and asset allocation ratios, ensuring transparency and investor protection.
  • Fund Management: Fund managers play a pivotal role in capital allocation, supervision, and yield distribution, ensuring efficient operation and maximizing investor returns.

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Advantages of Real Estate Funds:

  • Professional Management: Real estate funds offer expert decision-making by seasoned fund managers, alleviating the burden of individual investment decisions.
  • Risk Mitigation: Measures such as liquidity management and regular asset evaluations mitigate investment risks, safeguarding investor interests.
  • Tax Efficiency: Real estate funds offer tax advantages, with profits distributed as yields subject to favorable taxation rates.

Your Path to Hungarian Residency

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