In a significant move aimed at reshaping Spain’s real estate landscape, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced plans to overhaul the country’s golden visa program. The proposal, revealed during a visit to a suburb of Seville, signals a notable shift in policy direction, emphasizing the government’s commitment to prioritizing housing accessibility over speculative investment.

Under the current legislation, introduced by the Partido Popular in 2013, individuals could obtain a residence visa by investing in Spanish real estate, with a threshold set at half a million euros. However, Prime Minister Sánchez expressed concerns about the program’s impact on housing affordability and inequality, highlighting that a staggering 94% of investment-based residence permits were tied to real estate, primarily concentrated in tourist hotspots like Barcelona, Madrid, and Málaga.

“The housing market in these cities is under immense strain, making it nearly impossible for residents, who diligently contribute to our society, to find decent accommodation,” remarked Prime Minister Sánchez. “We cannot allow housing to be reduced to a mere commodity for speculation. It’s imperative to ensure that housing remains a fundamental right for all citizens.”

The proposed modifications aim to eliminate the Spain Golden Visa Program, redirecting focus towards affordable housing initiatives. Beyond Global Partners, a leading consultancy firm specializing in Spain’s golden visa program, sees this as a significant moment for prospective investors.

“With Prime Minister Sánchez’s pledge to reform the golden visa program, individuals seeking residency through investment must act swiftly,” advises Serhan Aysever, an investment migration expert at Beyond Global Partners. “While the specifics of the legislative changes remain uncertain, the window of opportunity may be limited.”


The Sánchez administration’s commitment to guaranteeing affordable housing aligns with Beyond Global Partners’ mission to provide comprehensive consultancy services for navigating Spain’s complex visa landscape. From initial inquiries to securing residency, Beyond Global Partners offers tailored solutions tailored to clients’ needs. “Our consultancy services cover every aspect of the golden visa process, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients,” emphasizes CEO Hakan Cortelek. “Whether it’s identifying suitable investment opportunities, navigating legal requirements, or facilitating documentation, Beyond Global Partners offers end-to-end support.”

As Spain grapples with housing affordability challenges, the timing couldn’t be better for individuals considering residency through investment. However, with legislative changes typically taking months to materialize, prospective investors must act decisively to capitalize on the current framework.

With a minority government at the helm, the Sánchez administration will rely on support from various political factions to enact the proposed reforms. Against this backdrop, Beyond Global Partners remains committed to providing clients with up-to-date information and strategic guidance to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

“In times of policy uncertainty, having a trusted partner like Beyond Global Partners can make all the difference,” concludes Serhan Aysever. “Our expertise, coupled with a personalized approach, ensures that clients are well-positioned to achieve their residency goals in Spain.”

As Spain enters a new chapter in its approach to residency through investment, Beyond Global Partners stands ready to empower clients with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate this dynamic landscape. For those considering the Spain golden visa, now is the time to take action and secure your path to residency with Beyond Global Partners.