The Greece Golden Visa program offers a multitude of advantages for investors and company executives seeking residency in Europe. Beyond Global Partners stands ready to guide you through this rewarding journey. Here, we delve into the key benefits of obtaining a Greece Golden Visa and how our expertise can facilitate your transition to European residency and citizenship.

1) Travel Mobility

With a Greece Golden Visa facilitated by Beyond Global Partners, investors and their dependents gain visa-free access to all 27 member states in the Schengen Zone for stays of up to 90 days within 180 days. This unparalleled mobility fosters exploration, business ventures, and cultural experiences across Europe.

2) Improved Healthcare and Education Systems

Investors and their families benefit from access to European-standard healthcare and educational systems in Greece. Guided by Beyond Global Partners, families can access quality medical care and education, ensuring peace of mind and well-being for their loved ones.

3) Minimal Residency Requirement

The Greece Golden Visa program, in collaboration with us, offers flexibility by not imposing a minimum residency period. Investors can maintain commitments abroad while enjoying the privileges of EU residency. This flexibility is particularly appealing for individuals with global business interests and family ties.

4) Pathway to European Citizenship

Investors and their dependents can lawfully reside in Greece, renewing their permanent residence permit every five (5) years. After seven (7) years of continuous residency, they become eligible to apply for Greek citizenship. Our team assists clients in navigating the citizenship application process, ensuring compliance with eligibility criteria and seamless integration into Greek society.

5) Expanded Business Opportunities

Golden Visa holders can explore business opportunities across all 27 Schengen Zone member states. The Greece Golden Visa serves as a gateway to international business expansion, fostering growth and prosperity for investors and their ventures. Our expertise facilitates networking, market research, and strategic partnerships, maximizing business potential in Europe and beyond.

6) Investment Opportunities

The Greece Golden Visa progra presents lucrative investment opportunities in real estate, bonds, and more. Our team assists investors in identifying high-yield investment options aligned with their financial objectives and risk appetite. In favorable market conditions, investors can expect high returns, including property appreciation and passive income streams.

7) High Quality of Life

Investors can become residents of Greece and experience the sunny and hospitable Mediterranean lifestyle. Greece offers a high quality of life characterized by picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality.

8) Why Beyond Global Partners?

Our team provides comprehensive support, from residency application to settlement assistance, ensuring a seamless transition and memorable experience for investors and their families.

The Greece Golden Visa program serves as a pathway to permanent residency and eventual citizenship. After five years of holding a Golden Visa, investors can apply for permanent residency, granting all residency rights apart from voting. Permanent residency offers stability and security in Greece, enabling investors to establish roots and contribute to the country’s development.

After maintaining continuous residency for seven (7) years, investors, become eligible to apply for citizenship, provided they meet eligibility criteria such as language proficiency and integration. Our team offers personalized guidance and support throughout the citizenship application process, facilitating a smooth transition to Greek citizenship.

Start your journey to Greece with Beyond Global Partners, where residency and citizenship become more than just dreams—they become reality.